Jana has presented for groups in the area on a wide range of topics ranging from parenting, teaching, relationships, health, and home. She has spoken at churches, schools, staff meetings, workshops, and athletic events – for adults, teens, and children. Often her Associates are available to speak, as well! See topics below!


“The Coaching Parent: How to Connect, Communicate & Experience a More
Fulfilling Family Life”
“It’s a Wrap” – Don’t Miss the Best Years of Parenting!
“Teaching Children Values”
“Guiding Your Child/Adolescent Toward Independence”
“What Am I Good At? – How to Help Our Children Discover Their True Potential”
“When One Family Becomes Two: Adjusting to Divorce”
“Families: How to Get the Help You Need”
“If My Parents Only Knew”…Your Child’s (Teenager’s) Unspoken Needs / Thoughts
“Say What?”…Communication Skills for Parents, Teachers, Kids
“Becoming (or Growing Into) a Blended Family”
“Raising Self-Reliant Kids”
“Gotta Have It! Girls’ Guide to Social Survival”
“Take Charge…Don’t Leave It Up to The World!” How Parents Can Educate Their
Children About Sex
“S.T.E.P. – Systematic Training For Effective Parenting” – based on STEP Workbook


“Healthy Relationships – Coping Skills for Happier Couples & Closer Families”
“Helping Families COPE With Health Issues (or Mental Health Issues)”
“How to De-Stress Your Home”
“The Healthy Home: Clean Enough to Be Healthy…Messy Enough to Be Fun!”
“How to Survive Loss…Change…Moves”
“Get Your House in Order!” –Organization for Busy Families


“If I Can…You Can! How to Encourage Others”
“Understanding ADHD / Sensory Integration”
“Body Sense: Loving Yourself and Loving Life!”
“How To Deal With Challenging Personalities”
“What to Do When Worry Takes Over”
“Let’s Be Rational: Positive Self-Talk, Thought Stopping, & Reframing”
“Time’s Up! 4 Steps to Successful Time Management”
“Relaxation & Stress Reduction for Children, Teens, Families”
“How to Survive a Crisis: Crisis Response & Intervention”
“How to Recognize…Teen Depression…Suicidal Behavior…Test Anxiety…etc.”
“Living With An Eating Disorder…Mood Disorder…Anxiety Disorder…etc.”