Jana Briggs and her associates offer Comprehensive Counseling Services for children, adolescents and adults ages 6 to elders. With six clinical offices -including a brand-new play therapy/adolescent activity room- they can also offer simultaneous session times for parents and students. Each therapy space has its own personality that students and adults of all ages will find attractive and comfortable. With an expansive waiting area, study tables, coffee bar and WIFI…clients will enjoy their time at the office.

Purpose & Nature of Counseling

Jana sees the purposes and nature of counseling as helping clients understand life’s challenges, manage life’s obstacles, learn how to help themselves, and find solutions. She believes that clients have the capacity to resolve their own problems as well as make their own decisions, but from time to time all of us need assistance and direction.

Her Commitment to Clients:

• To provide counseling that is clinically professional

• To promote emotional, psychological, spiritual, and physical health and balance

• To assist with personal, interpersonal, and relational problems

• To utilize sound counseling theories/techniques and biblical principles

• To provide information about helpful resources


Counseling Techniques are primarily based on person-centered, cognitive-behavioral (CBT), dialectical-behavioral (DBT), acceptance & commitment (ACT) and family systems theories supplemented with solution-focused therapy, a way of solving problems by utilizing clients’ strengths and experiences to find solutions and meet their own needs. Occasionally, other approaches such as mindfulness, clinical hypnotherapy, relaxation therapy, art therapy, psycho-educational discussions, psycho-dynamic techniques, role-playing, reading assignments, and homework will be used when deemed appropriate for the client(s).

Counseling Specialties:

• Mental & Emotional Health
• Psychological Concerns
• Anxiety / Depression / Bipolar
• Anger Management
• ADHD / Executive Functioning
• Disordered Eating / Body Image
• Grief, Loss & Trauma / Addiction
• Couples & Family Therapy
• Parent Coaching & Support
• Relationship / Premarital / Marital
• Communication Skills Training
• Divorce Adjustment
• Women’s Issues
• Infertility / Postpartum Issues
• Career & Life Transitions
• Health, Wellness & Nutrition
• Children & Student Issues
• Art & Play Therapy