Welcome to Jana Briggs Counseling & Associates!

JBC & Associates began in 2007 as a small private therapy practice & since has blossomed into an extraordinary collective of dedicated mental health practitioners. Our unwavering commitment is to offer unparalleled care to our clients within a private outpatient setting. It is my profound honor to lead this exceptional team & to work closely with our remarkable clients!

Choosing a mental health provider is a very important & personal decision. You deserve treatment that utilizes a variety of processes & is uniquely tailored to meet your specific needs.

At JBC & Associates, our clinicians take a thoughtful, creative & collaborative approach to develop customized treatment plans. We prioritize every detail to ensure that your experience is truly exceptional.

Jana Briggs
Licensed Therapist
Group Practice Owner
Team Lead & Supervisor

Private Counseling & Psychiatric Services for Individuals, Couples & Families

The JBC team is committed to providing a ‘boutique-style’ experience for our clients & their families. This means that individuals seeking mental health support will receive more tailored, intimate, and comprehensive treatment. A ‘boutique-style’ practice involves careful attention to detail to ensure a welcoming, comfortable, and personalized environment. It means receiving excellent, personalized services that you deserve. You can expect that our team will say ‘hello’ to you when they see you in the office & make sure you have what you need.

Additional elements & features that you will find at JBC & Associates:

Comfortable & Inviting Spaces – A Relaxing & Private Atmosphere – Personalized Touches & Amenities – Convenience & Accessibility – Professional, yet Personal Attention – Customized Treatment Plans & Complementary Wellness Offerings

By incorporating these elements in our offices, we hope to provide a unique and inviting space where clients feel valued, supported, & empowered on their journey towards mental health & well-being.

JBC & Associates – Helping people create the lives they want & deserve.


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 Joy Konkle, MA, LPC, PMH-C / JoyKonkleCounselingServices.com
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